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Dunroven Farms is located on a turn of the century farm, amongst
the bean and tall corn fields of northwest Iowa. We have 2 goals in
mind: First, it is our home. We are "Dun Roven." Second, it provides an
opportunity to gather together an "Old McDonald's Farm" with a great
variety of critters. We hope individuals and groups will visit us to get a
glimpse of a farmstead from yesteryear. Our collection of critters, which
now totals 17species are not only great to watch but they produce food
for us and our friends. We also sell live animals so that others may,
"grow their own." We are becoming known for our variety of geese,
ducks, and chickens. Our most popular critter is our collection of
Muscovy ducks. We welcome inquires regarding live Muscovies, both in
and out of the shell!

We will have ducklings, started birds, and
adults for sale in 2006.  Please Email us for
more information and with questions!
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