Muscovy Varieties...
In the forefront is a
juvenile chocolate barred
duck, behind her is a
chocolate ripple duck.  
This shows the juvenile
feathers of a barred bird,
once mature barreds are
primarily solid with
limited barring found on
the back, thighs, and
Dark Ripple Duck
(this duck is a white-head
which does not generally
appear until the bird's
second year)
Black Duck
Chocolate Ripple Drake
Silver Drake
Pair of whites, of
course!  This drake
has tooooo much
caruncling for my
Blue Duck
Cream duck
Self Blue duck
Color Comparisons
Side by side comparisons ... from the top left, blue fawn (lilac?),
chocolate, self-blue, cream.
Self-blue, upper right cream, lower left
blue, upper left blue fawn (lilac?) lower right
Chocolate Ripple duck
Dark Ripple duck
These are self-blue
barred and chocolate
barred ducks.  Notice
the barring along the
belly - that is just
about the only
indication that an
adult is barred.  They
will also have this
type of barring along
their backs beneath
the wings.
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