Witt Farms
Pedigreed Muscovy Ducks
Producing quality standard-bred
Muscovy in White, Chocolate, and
Black.  I will have limited availability of
Pastels and Ripples in 2006.  Birds are
sold as day olds in the spring, or adults
in the fall.  I will ship ducklings and adults
or can deliver adults to certain fall
shows that I attend.  I do not sell eggs!  
All birds are pedigreed -- not shotgun
bred.  These are my birds; not someone
else's strain or birds purchased to resell.
 I have been breeding Muscovy for over
15 years and am an APA Master
Exhibitor.  I have consistently bred for
type, size, and color.  NPIP #56-307
The Muscovy Duck
Judging Muscovies
Some Thoughts on
Slipped Wing
The cost for three young ducks or a grown trio including shipping will be $235.00 USD.  
This includes a reusable Plasticrate shipping box.  These are far superior to any
cardboard box on the market and it is the ONLY shipping box I will use.

The cost for a box of ten black, chocolate, or mixed color day olds (black and chocolate)
is $125.00 USD.  Ten day old white ducklings are $150.00 USD per box.  All prices
include the box and Express shipping.

The price for a breeding or exhibition trio picked up at the farm or delivered to shows I
attend is $125.00 USD.  Single ducks are $50.00 USD.

Canadian shipments to US border towns add $75.00 USD for health papers.  We have
experience shipping overseas.
Poultry Supplements
North Atlantic Kelp
Diatomaceous Earth
Menhaden Fishmeal
Vigortone Poultry Premix
$3.25 per lb, 5 lb minimum; or $2.75 for 10
lbs or more.
Dehydrated Garlic
$4.50 per lb, 5 lb minimum; $4.00 per lb for
10 lbs or more.
All prices include shipping.  Orders to CA,
OR, WA, ID, NV, & AZ please add $10.00
per order for increased shipping costs.

Postal money orders are preferred;
contact me before paying with a check.  
No CODs.
Muscovy Duck Central
Muscovy Duck Group
International Heavy
Duck Breeder's
I am a member of the following

The International Waterfowl Breeders
American Poultry Association
International Heavy Duck Breeder's Association
Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities
Brian Paul Witt
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Cassatt, SC 29032
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